TPFS WEEK 3 HOME PRACTICE, Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐


If you are in groups 5 or 6, this is the video for you!

Turns & Shielding


FUTSAL WARM UP (15-20 mins)
The first part of the session is 15 to 20 minutes of ball manipulation practice where you will practice three skills to ‘beat a player’ from our Futsal sessions… spend around 5 mins on each skill, then you can tie them all together!
The three skills demonstrated by our ‘mystery coach’ are:
-Change of Direction – Inside to Outside foot
-Drop the Shoulder
-The Sole Role


TAG GAME (10 mins)

Ellen’s Reaction Challenge:
Get 4 things that a predominately one colour eg Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. Put one 5 steps in front of you and return to the middle. Put another 5 steps behind you and return to middle. Then put one to the right and return to the middle and last one to the left. You now have your exercise area set up.

1st EXERCISE (30 seconds)

Always be jogging on the spot! Someone shouts out one of the colours that you set out, whilst always facing forwards you move towards that colour and return to the middle. TURN can also be a command when this is shouted you must turn 180 degrees and continue to follow the instructions whilst facing in the new direction.

2nd EXERCISE (1 minute)

Do the same as above but this time you can shout out any exercises ideas in between shouting the colours.

EG 4 Ice Skaters, 2 Burpees etc…


3rd EXERCISE (1 minute 30 seconds)

Same as the previous 2 but this time you can also add in directional commands like Left, Right, Forwards and Backwards. Make sure you are also shouting TURN as this will change the direction and make them think more!

What other variation can you think of? Maybe add North, East, South, West? The more they have to think of the better! Send us your variations.



Grab some objects to use as markers and make a zig-zag shape with enough space for you to dribble to each one.

Make a start point and dribble to each marker and perform a turn to get away from it and then go to the next one. Once you get to the end dribble back down to the start.

Practice the following turns for 5 mins each:
– Drag Back
– Inside Swivel
– Outside Swivel

Coaching points:
⚽ Practice the turns with both feet!
⚽ Try and disguise your turn so it’s unexpected!
⚽ As you turn imagine you’re shielding the ball from the defender (the cone).
⚽ Accelerate out of each turn.



Grab some objects and make a turning area in a circle shape. Then make three gates on the outside of the circle. Make the circle as big as you can for a 1v1 in the space you have.

Wait in the turning area, get a server to pass you the ball, as you control it that server becomes a defender and tries to tackle you. Shield the ball and turn away from the defender for 6 seconds in the turning area before scoring in any of the gates. The defender has to stop you scoring in the gates. Can you shield the ball as you do that?

Coaching points:
⚽ Once you’ve turned away from the defender can you accelerate away to try and score?
⚽ Can you use one of the turns you practiced against the defender?
⚽ Can you shield the ball as you turn away from the defender?
⚽ Get away from the defender quickly after the 6 seconds.

Well done guys! We really hope you enjoyed your home practice!

Can you create a 30 second clip of something you’ve practiced and either email it to or even better, get your parents to upload it on their social media with the hashtags #TPFSHomePractice#DontTurnInToFrank and make sure they ‘tag’ us! Also let us know if you can guess our “Mystery Coach” teaching you your futsal skills this week!  You can find our social media info at

Looking forward to seeing your videos!!!