TPFS Home Practice – Beginners


If you’re in Carlys or Pavs group you’re in the right place!


 Intro video with gentle exercise. 

These can be done at home or outside. Make this last longer if you can by throwing in some other exercises, maybe ask them to walk like a Lion on all fours or fly like a bird. Use your imagination and get creative! 

 Race Game 

This can be done alone but more fun if they get to race against you or a sibling. Use toys, clothes or any items that they can pick up and run with.

1st sprint to collect 1 item and bringing back to the start line.

2nd time they run to collect an item they hop back.

3rd time they skip back.

4th time they jump back.

5th time make it funny like hop back like a rabbit or stomp like a giant.

The first one to collect all 5 of their items and get back is the winner. Parents make sure you lose, don’t get too competitive! If its siblings and it’s too competitive let them do it individually and time then to see how quick they can do it then try and beat their own time! 

 Honey Bear 

Parents set up some items like clothes or toys in line and you stand behind it, the children are the Bears and they are going to try and get your honey. They stand at the opposite end to you with their football, when your not looking they will dribble towards the honey and if you turn around they freeze with their foot on the ball, when you turn back they will move again to get the honey. If you see them moving send them back to the start line by being silly and fly g around like a Bee to make them go back! 

Coaching points – encourage them to take their time and use lots of little touches on the ball to keep it close to them. Encourage them to run quickly with ball at their feet once they have collect their honey. 

Pirate ship game

Parents you are the captain of the ship. Give the pirates the commands and get in to the role of captain as much as possible and they will love this!

Get them dribbling around and then call out:

The captain’s coming
the children put hand to head and shout aye aye captain.

Scrub the decks
the children take the sole of the foot and roll the ball back and fourth.

Polish the decks
the children use the inside of their feet and move the ball to each foot.

Climb the rigging
the children use each foot and alternate placing their foot on top of the ball.

Fire your cannons
the children kick the ball hard and make a cannon noise.

Coaching points:

Keep ball close while dribbling so when each command is called the ball is at their feet already. Focus on good technique on each command.

TPFS Control & First Touch Challenge 

Keepy uppy. Just for a bit of fun get them to practice dropping the ball on to their knee and then catching it. If they can do 1 move on to 2! Balance challenge get them to try and balance with out falling over once that’s mastered then try and balance the ball on their foot. This is difficult but is fun to practice and will make for fun video’s! 

Send me your videos and if posting on social media please tag Tufnell Park Football school and use the hashtags #howsyourtouch #TPFSHomePractice

Well done guys! We really hope you enjoyed your home practice!

Can you create a 30 second clip of something you’ve practiced and either email it to or even better, get your parents to upload it on their social media with the hashtag #TPFShomepractice and make sure they ‘tag’ us! Also let us know if you can guess our “Mystery Coach” teaching you your futsal skills this week!  You can find our social media info at

Looking forward to seeing your videos!!!