If you are in groups 5 or 6, this is the video for you!

Control and First Touch


FUTSAL WARM UP (15 – 20 mins)

The first part of the session is 15 to 20 minutes of ball manipulation practice where you will practice three skills to ‘beat a player’ from our Futsal sessions… spend around 5 mins on each skill, then you can tie them all together!
The three skills demonstrated by our ‘mystery coach’ are:
-The Step Over
-The Double Touch
-The Ronaldo Chop
Coaching Points:
⚽ Remember to take little touches before you do the beat the player skill.
⚽ Remember to accelerate away from the player you’ve just beaten!


TAG GAME (5 – 10 mins)
Usually you’d have other people trying to catch you in a Tag Game. So for this we had to be inventive! 

Make a big enough to fit your 5 objects in. Grab 5 objects from your house, place them 10 to 15 steps away from the base. Time yourself sprinting to all of them, bringing them back to the base one at a time.
Remember to go as fast as you can! Then try and beat your time!

Variation 1: sprint out, bunny hop back.
Variation 2: sprint out, hop back,



To start with, place two markers down and with a partner, work the ball in a figure of eight shape around the markers using a sideways touch to control and straight pass with the inside of your foot back. Watch Pat and Ben demonstrate. Start by practising using the inside of one foot and passing back with the other (2mins). Then use the sole of the foot to move the ball to the other foot (2mins). Then try using the same foot to control and pass, by bringing the foot across your body using the outside of the foot to push it across to other side and then passing with that foot (2 mins).

Now try aerial control, get a server to gently throw the ball to roughly just above your knee, using your thigh, with a soft touch, just cushion the ball down and pass it back to the server with the inside of your foot as it bounces so the pass stays in the floor. Do this for 4 mins.

The final exercise of the technique practice is to use your chest to control the ball and play it back to your partner with a cushioned, inside-foot volley back. Watch Pat as he does it two touches!

Coaching points:
⚽ Always be on your toes to receive the ball

⚽Soft, cushioned touches help to bring the ball under control

⚽ Always try and get your body in line with ball as it comes to you.

 Remember to alternate feet
See if you can add a ‘scan’ before the ball comes to you!



Server throws the ball for the attacker to control then closes down. Attacker has
to dribble past the defender into one of two gates.

Vary the types of serves so you have to use different ways to control.

Coaching points:

⚽ Try and use the control techniques you learnt before.

⚽ Your touch should be away from he defender if possible.

⚽ Be quick so you beat your opponent to the gate!

Well done guys! We really hope you enjoyed your home practice!

Can you create a 30 second clip of something you’ve practiced and either email it to or even better, get your parents to upload it on their social media with the hashtags #TPFShomepractice & #howsyourtouch and make sure they ‘tag’ us! Also let us know if you can guess our “Mystery Coach” teaching you your futsal skills this week!  You can find our social media info at

Looking forward to seeing your videos!!!