TPFS WEEK 2 HOME PRACTICE, Difficulty: ⭐⭐⭐


If you are in groups 5 or 6, this is the video for you!

Dribbling & Running with the ball


FUTSAL (15 – 20 mins)

The first part of the session is 15 to 20 minutes of ball manipulation practice where you will practice three skills to ‘beat a player’ from our Futsal sessions… spend around 5 mins on each skill, then you can tie them all together!
The three skills are:
-The 360
-The Double Step Over
-La Croqueta
Coaching Points:
⚽ Remember to take little touches before you do the beat the player skill.
⚽ Remember to accelerate away from the player you’ve just beaten!


TAG GAME (10 mins)

Ellen’s Dice Challenge:
Have an exercise area and a ‘dice rolling area’ around 10 steps away. 

Start at the exercise area, sprint to the dice rolling area to roll the dice. Sprint back to the exercise area and perform an exercise. Each number of the dice is a different exercise.

1 = 20 Step Ons
2 = 20 High Knees
3 = 20 Mountain Climbers
4 = 20 Hops, 10 on each foot.
5 = 8 Ice Skaters
6 = 4 Burpies

Challenge: How many exercise can you get done in 2 minutes? Can you then beat your score?



Set up two clusters of around 4-7 cones set up with a 5-10 yard gap (space permitting) between them.

Dribble around the cluster of cones with tiny touches then break out once you’ve got around each one, perform a ‘beat a player’ skill and then dribble into a second cluster of cones and dribble around each of those.

– Outsides of the feet only
– Insides of the feet only
– Right foot only
– Left foot only
– All parts of both feet
– 2 or 3 different beat a player skills

Coaching points:
⚽ Take lots of little, quick touches, keeping the ball close to you when you dribble through cones.
⚽ Dribble at speed, keeping the ball under control.
⚽ When ‘beating a player’ try and use your body to trick the defender



Set up two cones couple of yards either side of a server and 10 steps away, set up the same thing for the attacker. Have two side lines a couple of yards further on from the cones.

The server passes to the attacker, the attacker selects which cone to dribble around (either left or right) and the server who is now a defender has to run around the opposite cone on their side and then defend against the attacker who is trying to get to the line behind the defender.

Coaching points:
⚽ Apply the dribbling principles when facing the opponent!
⚽ Can you use a beat the player skill?

Well done guys! We really hope you enjoyed your home practice!

Can you create a 30 second clip of something you’ve practiced and either email it to or even better, get your parents to upload it on their social media with the hashtags #TPFShomepractice#youmessidribbler and make sure they ‘tag’ us! Also let us know if you can guess our “Mystery Coach” teaching you your futsal skills this week!  You can find our social media info at

Looking forward to seeing your videos!!!